Breaker - Nitrogen | Bobcat

Breaker - Nitrogen | Bobcat

BobcatSKU: BC_NB_140

Models: NB140

Bobcat® Nitrogen Breaker



Smash that deadline. Obliterate concrete, rock and asphalt surfaces faster using the heavy-hitting power of the Bobcat® nitrogen breaker. Its long piston stroke maximizes impact energy and reduces recoil, making your machine more productive on tough jobs.

Protect that uptime. The nitrogen breaker requires minimal maintenance and reduces wear on your carrier. Grease points are within easy reach which makes routine maintenance faster.  Its unique valve design reduces pressure fluctuations and strain on your carrier’s hydraulic pumps. And the single lower bushing simplifies repairs on the job.

Top Tasks

  • Precise demolition jobs
  • Interior demolition
  • Flatwork demolition
  • Road repair
  • Long Piston Stroke: Maximizes impact energy and reduces recoil to deliver more force to the surface you’re working on.
  • Single Lower Bushing: The single lower bushing is easy to replace on the job, which keeps downtime to a minimum.
  • Unique Valve Design: The valves reduce pressure fluctuations within your hydraulic system, decreasing wear on your carrier’s hydraulic pumps.
  • Carrier Versatility: Quickly and easily switch the nitrogen breaker attachment from a loader to excavator with the Bob-Tach® and X-Change™ attachment mounting systems, maximizing attachment utility.
  • Easy, Minimal Maintenance: Designed for minimum downtime, the breaker has only two moving parts and all grease points are within easy reach. You can easily access the charge port to maintain nitrogen pressure inside the attachment.
  • Easy Mounting: The Bob-Tach and X-Change attachment mounting systems make attachment mounting easy, decreasing amount of time spent attaching and increasing amount of time spent operating.

Options and Accessories

  • Dust Suppression Kit: Keep dust exposure to a minimum with the optional water nozzle kit. This option will be available in early 2019.
  • Breaker Bits: Bobcat offers a selection of breaker tools, equipping you with the right tool for each job. And each one is made with precision-heated steel to give you the longest service life.
Breaker Models NB110 NB140 NB150 NB160 NB170 NB180



Operating Weight 185 lb 508 lb 737 lb 1002 lb 1207 lb 1344 lb
Length 36.9 in 43.1 in 48.6 in 57.3 in 66.1 in 71.5 in
Width 7.9 in 11 in 12.6 in 12.6 in 17.4 in 17.4 in
Height 9.8 in 15.8 in 17.7 in 17.7 in 19.9 in 19.9 in


Compatible Carriers

Skid-Steer Loaders
Bobcat A770

Bobcat S70


Bobcat S450



Bobcat S550





Bobcat S570




Bobcat S590




Bobcat S595




Bobcat S630



Bobcat S650


Bobcat S740



Bobcat S770



Bobcat S850


Compact Track Loaders
Bobcat T550




Bobcat T590



Bobcat T595




Bobcat T630



Bobcat T650



Bobcat T740

Bobcat T770

Bobcat T870


Compact Excavator
Bobcat E10




Bobcat E20




Bobcat E26

Bobcat E32 25 HP

Bobcat E35 25 HP

Bobcat E35 33 HP

Bobcat E42

Bobcat E45

Bobcat E50

Bobcat E55

Bobcat E63

Bobcat E85

Mini Track Loaders
Bobcat MT85


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