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General Info
Condition: Showroom
Manufacturer: Bobcat
Model: UW56
Machine Type: Toolcat
Coupler: Bob-Tach
Horsepower: 61.0
Emissions: Tier 4
Rated Operating Capacity (ISO): 1,500 lb
Operating Weight: 5680 lb
Aux. Standard Flow: 18.8 GPM
Aux. High Flow: 27.9 GPM
Height: 81 in.
Length: 172.1 in.
Width: 60 IN.
Turning Radius: 50.5 in. (AWS Mode)
Fuel Tank: 20 GAL.

Bobcat UW56 Toolcat

Your work requires power and precision. With the Toolcat UW56, you get the perfect balance of both. The power to operate 45+ attachments can only be matched with the unparalleled maneuverability of all-wheel steering. Add the ability to haul up to 2,000 lb. of payload and tow up to 4,000 lb., and it’s easy to see how the Toolcat UW56 will quickly become the most-used machine in your fleet.

  • Efficient Bobcat® Tier 4 engine 
  • Variable-flow hydraulics 
  • All-wheel steer 
  • Operator-friendly controls
  • The UW56 Toolcat™ puts power in your hands to operate more than 45 attachments for unmatched versatility. 
  • The updated drive response system, with two drive modes, makes it easy to adjust between traveling and working.
  • An integrated 5-inch display shows the updated SAE standard fault code format for improved diagnostics. 

Work comfortably with four-wheel independent suspension composed of A-frames, suspension coils, shocks and suspension stops. Each wheel travels up and down independently, meaning every wheel is isolated from the frame. Add the long wheelbase design, which creates maximum tire-to-ground contact, and you’ll begin to see how Toolcat™ utility work machines provide top-notch comfort.

The suspension system maximizes traction by maintaining tire-to-ground contact while isolating the machine from changes in terrain, resulting in less impact to the frame, cab and attachments. This reduces bounce, spillage and vibration when carrying materials.

Specifically designed suspension stops provide support at maximum lift or payload capacity. When lifting a heavy load in the front or carrying a heavy load in the hydraulic dump cargo box on the UW56, the rubber stops are engaged to provide needed support for the job at hand. On the Toolcat UW53, the suspension stops are also engaged when you raise rear implements attached to the optional 3-point hitch.

Preparing for success means being ready for anything. That’s why the exclusive hydrostatic four-wheel drive system in Toolcat utility work machines delivers as much traction and torque as possible. With it, you can power through snow or up an incline, while minimizing damage on turf.

Better maneuverability makes getting work done easier. That’s why the Toolcat™ utility work machine, with all-wheel steer, is the picture of productivity. With a turning radius of 11.2 feet, the Toolcat utility work machine can do more in tight spaces.

The steering angle allows the outside wheels to rotate faster than the inside wheels for fast, effortless turns around trees, through tight corners, on sensitive ground and when maneuvering in and out of tiny workspaces like in barns or between buildings. And with its hydraulic power steering, you’ll have nearly effortless control.

The rear wheels skid through tight turns without damaging lawns or leaving marks on driveways. On hard surfaces like asphalt or concrete, all-wheel steer minimizes tire wear. Similarly, when you work on soft, manicured surfaces like grass or turf, you’ll minimize ground disturbance. Each wheel of the Toolcat UW56 and UW53 moves separately through the turning arc and rolls smoothly through the turn. That means you won't have to spend time re-installing sod or planting grass after the job is done.

If your work doesn’t require all-wheel steer, you can operate in front-wheel steer. Make the change from one steering mode to the other without leaving the operator's seat. Simply align the front and rear wheels using the AWS indicator lights, press the switch and away you go. It's the best of both worlds.

When auxiliary hydraulics are engaged, variable flow allows for precise control of hydraulic attachments such as Bobcat® grapples. It allows you to manage the auxiliary oil flow to open and close the grapple as slowly or quickly as you want.

Trapped line pressure can make attachment changes anything but easy. Toolcat™ utility work machines feature quick couplers to release trapped pressure. When you push the coupler inward, hydraulic oil is released through a return line back into the machine. The result is a clean, quick attachment change every time.

When mowing heavy brush, driving through sand, digging, tilling or working on a steep incline, horsepower management automatically increases and decreases pressure in the hydrostatic transmission to keep your machine at top performance. Easily turn it off for greater manual control.

Set the responsiveness of your travel pedal and get precise control of your machine’s torque and speed without changing your tractive effort. Use work mode for tight movements around structures, or when trenching, tilling or grading next to a building or fence. With precise control, you can easily perform finite or creeping movements. It also makes quick and easy work of lining up attachments and implements for fast hookup.

Uneven ground? No worries. Enable float while moving forward for smooth performance with a seeder, snow blower and mower. Float in reverse for finish grading with a bucket or when you want to avoid tire marks on a seedbed. Engage it by pushing the joystick forward.

Forget about holding down a switch while using bidirectional attachments like sweepers and tillers. Dual direction detent delivers continuous hydraulic flow to the attachment in either direction.

Leave your shovel in the shed. With the hydraulic dump cargo box, you can quickly unload brush and debris without leaving the cab of your Toolcat™ UW56. Just pull a single lever to empty the load.

The 5-inch display screen provides more convenient touch points and supports enhanced diagnostics and serviceability. It’s also compatible with an optional rearview camera.

There’s a direct correlation between comfort and productivity. With this understanding, it’s easy to see why Toolcat™ utility work machines were designed with your comfort in mind.

The comfort is in the details throughout the redesigned cab with improved ergonomics and additional features including a USB port for charging mobile devices, 12-volt power outlet, a larger storage tray and deeper cup holders for tall beverages.

Operators appreciate the large door openings for easy entry, tilt steering, operator-friendly controls, adjustable vents and an adjustable driver’s seat. Other features include an improved heat and air conditioning system, a radio system, and driver’s suspension seat.

When you start your work you’ll notice the large windows, which offer a clear view of your attachments. The large rear window helps you easily see your rear implements and work area. Inside, the controls are within easy reach, and most importantly, easy to operate.

Don’t settle for a difficult-to-use machine. The controls in the Toolcat™ utility work machines are intelligently placed and ergonomically designed. Controls on the joystick allow you to operate attachments without having to look away from your work. The addition of the steering knob allows operators to keep one hand on the wheel to navigate tight turns and keep the other hand on the joystick. Operators can easily shift between high and low range on the fly and cruise control allows you to set your travel speed and go.

From the responsive joystick controls for attachments to simple switches and levers for secondary functions such as lights and auxiliary hydraulics, every control is thoughtfully designed for easy operation. Everything you need to operate the utility work machine is clearly laid out, and most importantly, simple to use.

With optimal attachment visibility, you’ll see more of your work. Toolcat™ utility work machines give you precise command on every job thanks to all-around visibility. The sloped rear cover and huge rear window on the UW53 give you a clear view of rear-mounted implements and the work area behind you too.

Stay productive at night or in low visibility conditions with four standard LED front work lights. An optional Deluxe Road Package comes with two LED headlights, two LED rear work lights, tail lights, turn signals, flashers a rearview mirror, side mirrors, horn and a back-up alarm.

With the SmartFAN, you’ll enjoy better cooling with reduced volume and noise. Unlike a belt-driven fan that runs continuously while the engine is running, the SmartFAN responds to the engine coolant and hydraulic oil temperatures and only runs at full speed when needed. Plus, a raised cooling package on the Toolcat™ UW53 means you can operate longer without stopping to clean out the radiator.

Toolcat™ utility work machines keep you up and running with machine shutdown protection, battery rundown protection and an LCD display that shows machine service codes. And many of its components—such as the engine and cooling system—are the same as those found in our legendary loaders.

With the Toolcat™ Interlock Control System (TICS), the lift and tilt functions and drive system won’t operate unless you’re in the seat with the TICS bar down.

Stop losing valuable time trying to find your machine keys. You might even save on your insurance premiums because of your reduced risk for theft or unauthorized use.

A rigid spine frame is the foundation of the Toolcat™ utility work machine’s tough design. It enables you to maintain balance when lifting, digging, pushing and traveling on uneven ground. Important components are protected from dirt, debris and foreign objects, while routine maintenance items are still easily accessible.

The Toolcat includes many other features designed to enhance the utility work machine’s performance and uptime. Enhancements include:

  • A standard 120-amp alternator for greater electrical supply
  • Larger access points for more convenient service
  • A larger fuel filter with more than double the media surface area and extended filter life
  • Added corrosion protection throughout the frame and utility box
  • Extended fenders for added protection
  • An improved wiring harness for greater reliability and serviceability
  • Updated body styling, a redesigned cab and updated interior dash with more convenient touch points and other comfort improvements

UW53 Attachments & Implements

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