Bobcat Skid Steer Loaders


S70 | Bobcat
Rated Operating Capacity: 760 lb.
Weight: 2892 lb
Horsepower: 23.5
Aux. Standard Flow: 9.8 GPM


S450 | Bobcat
Rated Operating Capacity: 1,370 lb
Weight: 5370 lb
Horsepower: 49.0
Aux. Standard Flow: 16.7 GPM


S510 | Bobcat
Rated Operating Capacity: 1,370 lb
Weight: 6208 lb
Horsepower: 49.0
Aux. Standard Flow: 16.7 GPM


S62 | Bobcat
Rated Operating Capacity: 2,100 lb
Weight: 6884 lb
Horsepower: 68.0
Aux. Standard Flow: 17.6 GPM


S590 | Bobcat
Rated Operating Capacity: 2,101 lb
Weight: 6765 lb
Horsepower: 68.0
Aux. Standard Flow: 17.1 GPM


S64 | Bobcat
Rated Operating Capacity: 2,300 lb
Weight: 6974 lb
Horsepower: 68.0
Aux. Standard Flow: 17.6 GPM


S66 | Bobcat
Rated Operating Capacity: 2,400 lb
Weight: 7154 lb
Horsepower: 74.0
Aux. Standard Flow: 17.6 GPM


S76 | Bobcat
Rated Operating Capacity: 2,900 lb
Weight: 8615 lb
Horsepower: 74.0
Aux. Standard Flow: 23.3 GPM


S740 | Bobcat
Rated Operating Capacity: 3,100 lb
Weight: 8794 lb
Horsepower: 74.0
Aux. Standard Flow: 23 GPM


S770 | Bobcat
Rated Operating Capacity: 3,350 lb
Weight: 9314 lb
Horsepower: 92.0
Aux. Standard Flow: 23 GPM


S850 | Bobcat
Rated Operating Capacity: 3,950 lb
Weight: 10237 lb
Horsepower: 100.0
Aux. Standard Flow: 36.6 GPM


S86 | Bobcat
Weight: 9728 lb
Horsepower: 105.0
Aux. Standard Flow: 23.6 GPM

Top Features & Benefits

Effective Weight Balance

Bobcat skid-steer loaders offer effective turning and skidding, reduced fuel consumption and power requirements, increased drive train and tire life, and less wear and tear compared to "flat-footed" machines sold by other manufacturers.

Powerful Hydraulics

Forget the competition, Bobcat loaders are in a class all their own! Each piece is tailored to deliver unbeatable hydraulic performance so you can manage more and move faster — proving that your job will be done in record time.

Selectable Joystick Controls

Seize the ultimate level of control over your machine and attachments with SJC. Enjoy multiple functions at the tip of your fingers for maximum efficiency, along with customizable handle pattern settings to ensure optimal performance on every job! Forget about struggling through long days - take back productivity from tough conditions by having better command over what you use to get it done. Don't settle for a joystick that puts limits in front of success- Unleash new possibilities today with Selectable Joystick Control

Increased Lifting Capabilities

With Bobcat R-Series Loaders, you can tackle any job with confidence! Cast steel construction adds increased material strength and rigidity for superior lifting capability. Plus, extra lift height provides greater performance when dumping into high-sided dump trucks or hoppers. Utilize the counterweight option to further increase your machine's ability and provide even more power on tough jobs - giving you an unbeatable edge over other loaders in its class!

Redesigned Bobcat Engine

R-Series loaders feature a Bobcat engine that delivers the performance you need while reducing and simplifying routine maintenance. With the innovative new fuel system, low fuel levels are more forgiving for busy operators.

Bobcat Premium Comfort

Bobcat loaders offer a variety of comfort features including roomy cabs, heated air-ride seats, optional automatic heat and air conditioning, ergonomic controls, innovative instrumentation and more to keep you productive.

Touch Display

State-of-the art technology has completely changed the way machines are operated and maintained. With optional Touch Display, now available on R‐Series loaders, operators can easily toggle through machine performance information conveniently displayed in a wide & easy to use touchscreen! From detailed machine data to integrated radio with Bluetooth connectivity--this advanced display offers it all; not forgetting a waterproof scratch resistant surface that comes as standard. Unlock unprecedented device capability today for maximum operation efficiency and productivity!

Redesigned Cooling System

The redesigned cooling system on R-Series loaders delivers optimal operation and maximum uptime. The system includes an optional reversible fan, heavy-duty steel louvered tailgate, larger hydraulic hoses and tubelines, increased fan size and high-capacity radiator.

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