36" Tree Spade - Rental

Rental Length: Daily - $300
Sale price$300.00
General Info
Condition: Rental
Manufacturer: Bobcat

36" Bobcat Tree Spade Attachment Rental

  • Dig and transplant trees with speed and efficiency  
  • Work between closely planted trees  
  • Works in a variety of soil conditions  
  • Dig, transplant, and package trees without leaving the comfort of the operator’s seat 
  • Ideal for nurseries, landscapers, golf courses, construction, farming, rental yards, Christmas tree farmers, parks and recreation departments, and municipalities 


Gate(s) on the front of the tree spade open to allow access to the tree. Once around the tree, the gate(s) close and rear stabilizers on the machine are lowered to transfer weight onto the tree spade. Three or four individual blades (depending on model) are then lowered into the ground to cut the tree roots and create a rootball. The rear stabilizers are raised and the tree can be transplanted into a new location or placed into a wire basket. 

Rent a Tree Spade in Michigan

Daily Weekly Monthly
$900 Call for Pricing Plans

Available to Rent:

  • 36" Tree Spade - Cone Blade - 30 Degree
  • 36" Tree Spade - Modified Blade - 25 Degree

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