S86 | Bobcat


General Info
Condition: Showroom
Manufacturer: Bobcat
Model: S86
Machine Type: Skid Steer Loader
Horsepower: 105.0
Rated Operating Capacity (ISO): 3,400 lb.
Operating Weight: 9728 lb
Aux. Standard Flow: 23.6 GPM
Aux. High Flow: 36.6 GPM
Aux. Super High Flow: 42 GPM
Height to Bucket Hinge Pin: 132 IN.
Height: 83.1 IN.
Width: 74 IN.

Bobcat® S86 Skid Steer Loader


The Bobcat S86 is one of the most powerful skid steer loaders Bobcat has ever built. Delivering more usable engine & hydraulic horsepower than ever before! Greater lifting capabilities, impressive breakout forces, & leading maneuverability for fast cycle times are just a few of the improvements. 


Hydraulic Flows

The Bobcat T86 delivers three hydraulic flow options giving you the versatility you need for any job! 

  • Standard Flow | 23 GPM / 3,500 PSI
  • High Flow | 36.6 GPM / 3,500 PSI
  • Super Flow | 42 GPM / 4,061 PSI


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