Develon Dozers


DD100  | Develon
Model DD100
Weight: 22900 lb

Top Features & Benefits

Built-in Grading Precision

The 6-way variable-angle pitch dozer blade provides more precision when moving or grading dirt, clay and other materials from nearly any angle to reduce the number of passes on each job. The dozer blade moves freely to lift, tilt and angle, and you can change the blade pitch using the 2-way mechanical adjustment.

Grading is easier using the 2D blade assist option, even for novice operators. Program the needed inputs, and the machine controls blade functions — finishing the job faster and more accurately. No GPS or lasers required.

Select the blade float function for smooth back grading or fine finishing. Push the blade shake button to quickly remove stuck-on materials.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership and Easy Maintenance

The unique undercarriage system, with both single- and dual-flange rollers, is designed for convenient, cost-effective maintenance. Areas of the undercarriage that naturally experience greater wear and tear are easy to access. You can get affordable replacement parts through your local DEVELON dealer.

Regular inspection points for the dozer are conveniently accessible at ground level. When maintenance is needed, the dozer cabin tilts up — there’s no need to disassemble the cab to reach critical components.

General-purpose and full-guard track guard options are available for exceptional performance and uptime protection.

Fuel Efficiency Features

Optimized for more power output with reduced fuel consumption, the DEVELON dozer is designed with a Tier 4-compliant diesel engine to reduce emissions — and does not require the use of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to meet current emission standards.

Several features take efficiency further, including an ECO mode that reduces daily fuel consumption up to 5% without sacrificing grading performance when working in lower tractive conditions.

Auto idle and auto engine shutdown features also help save fuel.

Best in Class Standard Weight

The DD100 features best-in-class standard weight. The 22,900 lbs. firmly position the DD100 at the top of its segment.

If limiting ground pressure is key to your application this best-in-class weight can be spread over the optional larger track to provide low ground pressure.