UW53 Toolcat | Bobcat

General Info
Condition: Showroom
Manufacturer: Bobcat
Model: UW53
Machine Type: Toolcat
Horsepower: 61.0
Rated Operating Capacity (ISO): 1,500 lb
Operating Weight: 5710 lb
Aux. Standard Flow: 18.8 GPM
Aux. High Flow: 27.9 GPM
Width: 60 IN.
Fuel Tank: 20 GAL.

Bobcat UW53 Toolcat


Ask anybody who has used a Toolcat™ UW53 utility work machine, and they’ll tell you it’s the most versatile machine they’ve ever operated. With the ability to operate 45+ attachments in the front and Category 1 implements in the back, it truly changes the way you work. And with standard all-wheel steering and traction control, it’s also incredibly maneuverable and responsive. Add the 3-point hitch, power take-off (PTO), and high and variable flow hydraulics, and you’ll experience truly unmatched versatility.



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