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General Info
Condition: Showroom
Manufacturer: Bobcat
Model: TL619
Machine Type: Telehandler
Horsepower: 74.0
Emissions: Tier 4
Operating Weight: 11089 lb
Aux. Standard Flow: 21.1 GPM
Height: 84.9 IN.
Length: 184.5 IN.
Width: 82.7 IN.
Wheelbase: 111 in.
Wheelbase: 111 in.

Bobcat TL619 VersaHandler


The Bobcat TL619 telehandler is ideal for agriculture, construction, landscaping, snow removal, rental and many other jobs that require increased lift height, reach and load capacity. 


  • The TL619 telescopic telehandler gives you the flexibility to reach, stack, backfill, and push with unparalleled precision and performance in the 6,000-pound size class.  

  • Carefully designed to incorporate sleek and efficient R-Series styling, the TL619 Bobcat telehandler provides premium comfort, great visibility and unmatched versatility.  

  • Powered by a 74-hp Bobcat turbocharged engine, the TL619 delivers powerful, high-torque performance, high efficiency and convenient service. The engine meets Tier 4 regulations without a diesel particulate filter (DPF) or selective catalyst reduction, reducing downtime that occurs for DPF regeneration and long-term DPF maintenance costs.  

The Bobcat® TL519 telehandler features an advanced Tier 4, 74 hp (2.4 liter) engine that delivers powerful, high-torque performance and excellent efficiency and achieves emissions compliance without the use of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) or selective catalyst reduction (SCR). Operators will also appreciate the new engine’s reliable cold weather starting and a variety of features that make maintenance and service more convenient.

  • Outsized Lift Capacity and Lift Height: The Bobcat TL519 telehandler is compact in size, but it brings outsized productivity with 5,500 pounds of rated lift capacity and 19.6 feet of lift height.
  • Turbo-Charged Performance: The turbo-charged engine provides consistently high torque levels, regardless of the elevation of any worksite.
  • Simple, State of the Art and Non-DPF: One of the biggest advantages of our Tier 4 engine is simplicity. The Bobcat engine meets Tier 4 regulations without a DPF or SCR. This reduces downtime that occurs with DPF regeneration and long-term DPF maintenance costs – so operators can focus on working.

Bobcat telescopic loaders offer a heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission that delivers smooth, quick power when you need it and high wheel torque for digging and pushing. Operation is easy, with many additional features to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Five operation modes give you the versatility you need for a wide variety of applications:

  • ECO Mode: ECO mode allows you to maintain hydraulic performance without using the engine’s full power – allowing you to work with lower rpm, less noise and lower fuel consumption. Easily turn on or off using a control panel button.
  • Smooth and Dynamic Drive Modes: Smooth Drive – used for maneuvering across jobsites with mild acceleration and deceleration while carrying loads. Dynamic Drive – take full advantage of the high productivity of the Bobcat telescopic telehandler. Quickly shift from smooth to dynamic drive, increasing the responsiveness of the machine’s acceleration and deceleration.
  • Flex Drive Mode (Standard Use): Use the engine speed lever to manage the travel speed independently from the engine speed, bringing a new dimension to driving with your telehandler.

Add new levels of efficiency and precision by setting your maximum rpm with the engine speed lever. To reach full travel speed when set to lower rpms, simply depress the travel pedal to 70% of its stroke or higher and the engine speed raises automatically. As you let off the travel speed pedal, the engine speed returns to the flex drive setting.

  • Flex Drive Mode (In ECO Mode): Use the engine speed lever to bring a new dimension to driving by managing the travel speed independently from the engine speed. You achieve a whole new level of efficiency and precision.
  • Advanced Attachment Control Mode: Optimize the balance of engine speed and travel speed to maintain maximum production when using hydraulic attachments.
  • Precise Drive and Engine Speed Settings: Precision is key to attachment productivity. Set drive speed increments from 1 to 99 for the ideal combination of attachment performance and machine control. You can increase engine rpm with the engine speed lever and maximize your attachment productivity.
  • Attachment Travel Mode: When you need to move to a new location, press a button to switch to faster travel on the fly. When you’re back into position for attachment work, you can return to your previous attachment control mode settings.

The TL519 has two standard speeds for improved productivity during work and travel. Adapt the performance of the Bobcat telehandler to whatever the job requires using a convenient switch on the joystick. Operators can easily change speed modes on or between jobsites.

  • Travel: When set to travel speed, the TL519 can move across large jobsites or travel to another jobsite at nearly 17 mph.
  • Work: In low range, operators maximize pushing power at higher engine rpms, matching tractive effort to ground conditions. Get a wide range of challenging jobs done fast with balanced performance and precise control for routine loading and material handling.

The 74 hp Bobcat engine achieves optimal tractive force and gives the TL519 impressive pushing power in its size class.

The automatic tilt for bucket or attachment positioning increases material handling speed for higher productivity. It prevents spillage when raising and lowering the boom to ensure consistent, productive attachment performance.

The low-profile, telescopic boom gives you the power to access a wide range of lift heights and reach lengths. Another key advantage is the low profile of the boom and rear pivot point. The boom profile increases visibility to the operator’s right side. The low boom pivot point in the rear helps make it a powerful machine when pushing. As the machine pushes, more of the weight stays on the front axle.

Auxiliary hydraulic couplers with integrated pressure release are located conveniently on the boom head, enabling operators to change hydraulic attachments quickly and easily.

Operators can set the amount of continuous auxiliary hydraulic flow – up to 100% – to achieve the attachment performance that’s necessary for optimal productivity.

Dual-direction detent allows hydraulic flow to be engaged continuously, in either direction, without holding a switch. This gives operators more flexibility in using hydraulic-powered attachments.

12x16.5 heavy-duty tires provide excellent performance for work and travel, while allowing a low overhead cab clearance.

Enable the boom float while moving on uneven ground for smooth performance with attachments. Float in reverse for finish grading with a bucket.

The integrated lift eye gives you a convenient method for handling objects and materials around the jobsite.

No other machine in its class can offer more maneuverability than the Bobcat telehandler. Auto-steering alignment provides assistance when adjusting the wheels, eliminating the hassle of aligning the front and rear wheels separately. Four steering modes – all-wheel, front-wheel, crab and semi-crab steer – further extend maneuverability while working in cramped quarters.

Bobcat Telehandler Steering Modes

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