Doosan DX210W-5 - Rental

Doosan DX210W-5 - Rental

Base Machine: Daily
Sale price$750.00

Download Spec Sheet:

General Info
Condition: Rental
Manufacturer: Doosan
Model: DX210W-5
Machine Type: Wheel Excavator
Bucket Digging Force: 31,306 lbf.
Arm Digging Force: 26,896 lbf.
Max Digging Reach (Ground): 30' 9"
Max Digging Depth: 18' 5"
Operating Weight: 49163 lb

Doosan DX210W-5 with Articulating Boom


This DX210W-5 Excavator features a Two-Piece Articulated Boom. What's that? Instead of the Main Boom measuring 18' 4", it's separated into a 12' 7" & a 6' 4" section. This allows the operator to work closer to the machine or at non-conventional angles. Changing the bend of the boom to decrease it's working height, which is ideal for digging under a bridge or in a building. 

It also improves visibility during transportation, when retracted driving down the road.


Rental Pricing:

Model Daily Weekly Monthly
DX210W-5 $750
$2,800 Call for Pricing Plans
WITH: 60" TILT ROTATING DITCHING BUCKET $850 $3,000 Call for Pricing Plans
WITH: FECON MULCHER WITH CARBIDE TEETH $1,950 $7,000 Call for Pricing Plans

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