Specialty Excavator Rental

Specialty Excavator Packages

Have a job that requires a special excavator? Get the extra reach you need with the Doosan DX300 Super Long Reach. Need precise movements to move boulders for a retaining wall? We have CMP Hydra Grapple/Excavator Packages.

DX300SLR Package

Doosan DX300SLR Super Long Reach is designed for using in drainage canal construction and preservation and Light duty excavation at long distance.

CMP Hydra Grapple Package

Powerful dual 360 deg. rotation motors provide insane rotational force and reliability. Rent the Hydra Grapple as a package with an excavator.

DX210W Package

Doosan DX210W Articulating Wheeled Excavator.

Excavator Packages
Doosan DX300 - Super Long Reach
Dig Depth: 45' 2" Dig Reach: 57' 5"
Doosan DX300LC-5 Super Long Reach - Rental

Doosan DX300LC-5 Super Long Reach Crawler Excavator In the 28-33 metric ton size class, few machines match the DX300LC-5. It has the horsepower to tackle larger projects, but is designed to keep fuel and maintenance costs low.

CMP Hydra Grapple Package
360° Rotating Grapple
Hydra Grapple - Rental

The CMP Hydra Grapple is a 360 degree rotating grapple that can be fitted to excavators from 2,500 up to 75,500 lbs. This grapple is perfect for contractors looking to turn their machine into a swiss army knife. Whether you're looking to sort through scrap metal, build rock retaining walls, or just pick stuff up, this grapple will do it all!

Doosan DX210W - Wheeled Excavator
Dig Depth: 18' 5" Dig Reach: 30' 9"
Doosan DX210W-5 - Rental