Specialty Excavator Rental

Have a job that requires a special excavator? Get the extra reach you need with the Doosan DX300 Super Long Reach. Need precise movements to move boulders for a retaining wall? We have CMP Hydra Grapple/Excavator Packages.

Specialty Excavator Packages

Doosan DX210W-5 - Wheeled Excavator

Dig Depth: 18' 5" - Dig Reach: 30' 9'
Doosan DX210W-5 - Rental

The DX210W-5 Wheeled Excavator features a Two-Piece Articulated Boom. Allowing the operator to work closer to the machine or at a non-conventional angle. Changing the bend of the boom to decrease its working height, which is ideal for digging under bridges or buildings.

Doosan DX300 - Super Long Reach

Dig Depth: 45' 2" - Dig Reach: 57' 5'

Doosan DX300LC-5 Super Long Reach Crawler Excavator In the 28-33 metric ton size class, few machines match the DX300LC-5. It has the horsepower to tackle larger projects, but is designed to keep fuel and maintenance costs low.

CMP Hydra Grapple Package

360° Rotating Grapple
Hydra Grapple - Rental

The CMP Hydra Grapple is a 360 degree rotating grapple that can be fitted to excavators from 2,500 up to 75,500 lbs. This grapple is perfect for contractors looking to turn their machine into a swiss army knife. Whether you're looking to sort through scrap metal, build rock retaining walls, or just pick stuff up, this grapple will do it all!