Develon DX300LC-5 Super Long Reach - Rental

Rental Length: Daily - $1,100
Sale price$1,100.00
General Info
Condition: Rental
Manufacturer: Develon
Model: DX300LC-5 SLR
Machine Type: Crawler Excavator

Develon DX300 SLR Excavator Rental

Super Long Reach Excavator

Daily Weekly Monthly
$4,400 Call for Pricing Plans


Develon DX300LC-5 Super Long Reach Crawler Excavator
In the 28-33 metric ton size class, few machines match the DX300LC-5. It has the horsepower to tackle larger projects, but is designed to keep fuel and maintenance costs low.

Model DX300LC-5 SLR

72,462 lbs

Ground Pressure 6.1 psi
Shoe Size 33.5"
Boom Type

32' 10"

Arm Type



Working Ranges:

Max Dig Reach 57' 5"
Max Dig Reach (Ground) 57'
Max Dig Depth 45' 2"
Max Loading Height 39' 3"
Min Loading Height 8' 11"
Max Digging Height 46' 7"
Max Bucket Pin Height 43' 7"
Max Vertical Wall Depth 38'
Max Radius Vertical 35' 9"
Max Depth to 8' Line 43' 11"
Min Radius 8' Line 13' 6"
Min Digging Reach 45.7"
Min Swing Radius 20'
Bucket Angle 169°

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