Post Driver Rental

Post Driver Rental Options

Looking to rent a post driver for installing posts, poles, or fence posts? We offer two variations with a Universal Skid Steer Mount.

Post Pounder

The Blue Diamond Post Driver can drive any sized post from a T-Post to a railroad tie (depending on ground conditions). It includes a standard 300 lb. weight kit & an extra 200 lb. weight kit. This post driver includes a grapple & tilt function so you can install posts by yourself!


  • 300 lb. Hammer
  • Additional 200 lb. Hammer
  • Grapple
  • Tilt Function; 20 degrees of rotation
  • 40" Stroke
  • 35 Strokes per minute

Vibrating Post Driver

We also offer a vibrating post driver that is a much more compact solution. Don't let the size of this post driver fool you, it packs more of a punch than drop hammer style drivers.


  • Tilt Function
  • 4", 6", 9", & 12" Adapters
  • Easy to Transport
Post Driver Attachments
Vibrating Post Driver
7-26 GPM
Vibrating Post Driver - Rental

Blue Diamond Vibrating Post Driver. Includes Adapters for larger posts.

Blue Diamond Vibrating Post Driver
Post Pounder Attachment
35 Strokes per Minute
Post Pounder - Rental

This Post Driver from Blue Diamond can drive any sized post from a T-post to a railroad tie.

Blue Diamond Hammer Post Pounder