CMP Hydra Grapple

CMP Hydra Grapple

The CMP Hydra Grapple is a 360 degree rotating grapple that can be fitted to excavators from 2,500 up to 75,500 lbs. This grapple is perfect for contractors looking to turn their machine into a swiss army knife. Whether you're looking to sort through scrap metal, build rock retaining walls, or just pick stuff up, this grapple will do it all!


Secondary/Dual Auxiliary is ideal & makes for easy plug & play. If you have an excavator with Single Auxiliary, you can install a Diverter Valve Kit. Watch the video below for more info.

Cutting Edge Options:

These options are for the HG61 to HG262 models. The HG302 & Larger have welded on teeth, but can be customized.

  1. Reversible Cutting Edge: The Hydra Grapple comes standard with a reversible cutting edge. Serrated on one side, Smooth on the other.
  2. Bolt on Rubber Edge: Used with delicate stones & pavers.
  3. Bolt on Tooth Kit: Helps operator have more reach, capacity, & finesse when grabbing oddly shaped stones.


  1. Heavy Duty AR-400 hardened steel
  2. High Strength body made from T1 steel
  3. Hydraulic Cylinder lock valves efficiently hold material without needing to continuously apply hydraulic pressure
  4. Interchangable bolt-on edges

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