Protecting your Machines from Theft

Your Machine Makes You Money!

Unfortunately in today's world you need to protect your assets from theft. Over the last three years with the equipment shortage, equipment values have skyrocketed. Making construction equipment a prime target for theft. Your Bobcat machine is an asset that makes you money. When you don't have it available, it can be a real problem for you. Why not do all you can to protect it?

Physical Barriers:

Let's get the low hanging fruit out of the way first. Having a secure location to put your equipment is a necessity. If it's not on the jobsite, it's easy to have it stored in a secure location, whether it be in your shop or outside with proper fencing.

Location Matters:

  • Visibility: Storing your equipment in well lit & highly visible areas is a good idea. It won't be forgotten if it's in a spot that's always visible to you & your employees.
  • Security Cameras: Along with placing your machine in a lit up area. Security cameras can give you an added layer of security. Not only being a deterrent, but ensuring you'll have evidence of thieves.
  • Positioning: Depending on spacing at the jobsite, strategically positioning your equipment to make it difficult to access can also deter theft.

Decals & Customization:

Maybe I'm going out on a limb here, but I notice businesses that have decals & wraps on trucks/machines, more than I do plain jane. It's a good idea to have custom markings on your machines that set them apart from others. If it's rolling down the road on somebody else's trailer, you or someone else might be able to catch it before it's too late. Apart from that, it's also good marketing!

Hardware Solutions:

There are many types of physical solutions to keep your equipment safe. A one time payment for whichever you choose sounds like a nice investment. 

  • Skid Steer Joystick Lock
  • Wheel Hug Locks
  • Excavator Stick Locks
  • Attachment Mounting Locks
  • Ball & Ring Hitch Locks

Go Keyless:

More and more machines are being designed without traditional key ignitions and are instead being equipped with instrument panels. This not only provides operational data and critical diagnostics but also offers password-protected startup functionality.

Lock Your Doors!

It's not just the entire machine that you need to worry about; you also have to be cognizant about parts going missing. Doors are pretty easy to disassemble from the machine and can get upwards of $1,500. 

Software Solutions:

Apple AirTag

I'm a bit of a bootstrapper when it comes to tech. I usually don't find out of the box products very impressive for the price that companies charge. For about $50 you can buy an AirTag and a mountable case to track your equipment. It seems pretty fool proof & if you're an Apple user a plus.

The way an AirTag works is not GPS, but a low energy Bluetooth signal that connects to nearby iPhones. As well, there is a speaker in them, so it might not be the best option if your goal is to recover stolen equipment.

Bobcat Machine IQ

Bobcat offers their solution, Machine IQ. Monitor & manage your machines anywhere from your phone or computer. By working with your dealer (That's us!) we can help try to recover your machine based off the GPS locations your machine has been. Machine IQ goes beyond just recovery – it offers a wide range of advanced features.

  • Analyze the efficiency & productivity of your fleet
  • Track your machine's location history, operating hours, & fuel usage
  • Receive maintenance & operation notifications
  • Create a tailored maintenance schedule based on how you use your machine
  • Access machine info any time via your Bobcat owner portal at

Basics Health & Security
GPS Location & History
Operating Hours
Fuel Level
Maintenance Interval Tracking
In-Portal Notifications
Fault Code Notifications & Troubleshooting
Geofence Creation & Breach Notifications 
Motion Detection Alerts
Machine Grouping
Email Notifications & Alerts
Machine Utilization Reports
Fleet Utilization Reports


Reporting Theft:

The quicker you report a theft, the more likely your machine(s) can be recovered. 

If you are a victim of equipment theft, it is crucial that you follow these actions:

  • Notify the authorities and relay all details related to the missing machine, such as its size, decals, model and serial number. The more information you can provide, the better, as law enforcement can use these details during their search for your equipment. 
  • Inform your insurance company about the theft as soon as possible to get started on your claim.
  • Inform your dealership and any other local dealerships about the theft so they can flag the serial number if it ever gets brought in for sale. Plus, they can attempt to locate the machine using Machine IQ.

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