Bobcat Electric Equipment

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Electric Excavators:

Top Features & Benefits

Zero Emissions

Expand your jobsite versatility with electric Bobcat equipment. Producing no emissions, these electric machines can offer labor-saving performance and tackle tough jobs on environmentally sensitive worksites or indoors where exhaust is restricted.

Bobcat E32e Electric Excavator

Precise Control

The innovative design and advanced controls of Bobcat electric equipment bring smooth, powerful performance with precise, virtually instantaneous control response. Incredible torque delivery ensures there is no performance tradeoff. In many respects, operators will notice a performance increase.

Bobcat T7x Electric Loader

Quiet Operation

The low noise levels of Bobcat electric equipment allow for a level of operator comfort that simply can’t be matched in a traditional machine. With drastically reduced sound and vibration, operators experience less fatigue. It’s also great for urban environments where noise restrictions can limit work hours.

Bobcat T7x Electric Loader

Easy to Operate

When you take the controls on a piece of Bobcat electric equipment, you'll experience a familiar operation experience with instrumentation that is nearly identical to our more traditional equipment. If you can operate a diesel- or gas-powered Bobcat machine, you’ll be able to operate its electric counterpart.

Bobcat E32e Electric Excavator