E19e | Bobcat


General Info
Condition: Showroom
Manufacturer: Bobcat
Model: E19e
Machine Type: Compact Excavator
Operating Weight: 4225 lb

Bobcat E19e Electric Excavator

The E19e has impressive torque in a compact package with a retractable undercarriage and blade. An on-board charger supports 12-hour overnight charging. 

  • Battery Capacity: 17.3 kWh  
  • Rated Power: 10 [13.4] kW [hp]  
  • CHARGE TIME 120V/15A: ~10-12 hours  
  • CHARGE TIME 240V/50A: ~2 hours  
  • Weight: 4225 lb.  
  • Width (Tracks Retracted): 38.6 in.  
  • Aux Flow: 6.4 gpm  

Unlock new possibilities – and work where other machines cannot – with the fully electric E19e mini excavator. This low-noise and zero-emission machine creates unique business opportunities without being limited by working environments or typical working hours. Thanks to excellent controllability, ergonomic controls, superior comfort and impressive precision, you can now achieve more no matter where the job takes you.


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