DX530LC-7 | Develon

Option: Short Arm

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General Info
Condition: Showroom
Manufacturer: Develon
Model: DX530LC-7
Machine Type: Crawler Excavator
Engine: DC13
Engine Make: Scania
Horsepower: 387.6
Emissions: Tier 4
Bucket Digging Force: 60,698 lbf.
Arm Digging Force: 55,303 lbf.
Max Digging Reach (Ground): 37' 6"
Max Digging Depth: 24' 0"
Operating Weight: 115081 lb
Fuel Tank: 165.37 gal.

Develon DX530LC-7

Big Productivity and Jobsite Efficiency

Upgrade your earthmoving capabilities with the large DEVELON DX530LC-7 crawler excavator. The conventional tail swing design offers the strength and leverage needed for bigger excavating applications. Lift more weight with each cycle and complete the job faster thanks to a strong workgroup that maximizes lifting capability. Choose from standard arm or super-long reach configurations.

The standard removable counterweight provides improved machine stability when using heavier attachments — and can be hydraulically lowered to its own trailer for easy transport to the jobsite. With an optimal swing radius, lift height and tilt position, you can lift and place loads and dig with greater productivity. The one-touch power boost momentarily increases hydraulics for even more digging power.

Rugged Construction and Durable Parts

A DX530LC-7 crawler excavator’s X-Chassis undercarriage offers improved strength and stability. Added material to the mainframe delivers higher performance to prolong machine durability.

The innovative D-channel upper structure frame design and an optional side impact protector add strength to withstand more side impact, protecting vital machine components.

All the major pin points on the excavator boom and arm are steel castings for extra strength in tough working conditions. Heavy-duty wear plates bolt on at the end of the machine arm to maximize machine durability and reliability.

Recessed drive motors are protected from potential damage, resulting in more uptime.

Reduced Fuel Usage, Maximized Performance

The DX530LC-7 delivers increased torque, faster cycle times and efficient fuel consumption.

Several systems help improve fuel efficiency. The exclusive Smart Power Control (SPC) is implemented through two systems: Variable speed control reduces the engine rpm during low workload to reduce the energy used to perform a task, and the pump torque control efficiently matches hydraulic pump torque and engine response to the task.

The Mechatronics Design optimizes machine performance while reducing fuel consumption. Auto idle and auto shutdown features also help reduce fuel usage.

An optional boom float mode allows the boom to move freely with the contours of the ground. When engaged the boom does not use hydraulic flow, saving fuel and improving cycle times.

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