E42 | Bobcat

Extendable Arm

Arm Options: Standard Arm
General Info
Condition: Showroom
Manufacturer: Bobcat
Model: E42
Machine Type: Compact Excavator
Coupler: X-CHANGE
Horsepower: 42.6
Bucket Digging Force: 9,601 lbf
Arm Digging Force: 5,803 lbf
Max Digging Reach (Ground): 18.2 FT.
Max Digging Depth: 11.4 FT.
Operating Weight: 10425 lb
Aux. Standard Flow: 20 GPM
Width: 72.8 IN.
Fuel Tank: 19 GAL

Bobcat® E42 Compact Excavator


The E42 compact (mini) excavator offers enhanced hydraulic performance, improved efficiency and more precise control so you can push the limits and take on more complex work. The E42 is an R2-Series excavator and features a redesigned Bobcat® engine that improves performance, simplifies maintenance and maximizes uptime. Configure it with the optional long arm or extendable arm to increase your dig depth and reduce the frequency of repositioning the machine. Standard features include low-effort joysticks that respond easily to operator input, an improved cooling system to control engine compartment temperature and a larger slew bearing with improved durability. An optimized hydraulic control valve gives operators improved metering, finite movement and controllability for level grading. Plus, the conventional tail swing is well-balanced for better lift capacity and increased operator confidence. Additional options include a state-of-the-art touch display, angle blade and a rear camera for maximum visibility and productivity.

 Configuration Standard Long Arm Extendable Arm



Emissions Tier (EPA) Tier 4
Engine Fuel Diesel
Maximum Governed RPM 2,200 rpm
Horsepower 42.7 hp
Turbocharged Engine


Optional Horsepower



Operating Weight 9,246 lb 9,722 lb 9,976 lb
Weight Class 4.2 t 4.4 t 4.5 t
Travel Speed - High 2.9 mph 2.9 mph 2.9 mph
Travel Speed - Low 1.6 mph 1.6 mph 1.6 mph
Arm Digging Force 5,762 lbf 4,953 lbf 5,672 lbf
Bucket Digging Force 9,183 lbf 9,183 lbf 9,183 lbf
Rated Lift Capacity 4603 lb 4435 lb 4180 lb
Lift Radius 118 in 118 in 118 in
Boom Swing - Left 75° 75° 75°
Boom Swing - Right 55° 55° 55°
Maximum Dig Depth 10.5 ft 11.5 ft 12.5 ft
Max Dump Height 12.2 ft 12.8 ft 13.3 ft
Maximum Reach at Ground Level 17.3 ft 18.2 ft 19.1 ft


 Fuel Tank 21.1 gal

Hydraulic System

Auxiliary Std Flow 20 gal/min
Auxiliary Pressure 3,045 psi


 Length 200 in 201.6 in 200 in
Overall Length in Travel Position 200 in 201.6 in 200 in
Width 68.9 in 68.9 in 68.9 in
Height 98.7 in 98.7 in  98.7 in
Height with Operator Cab 98.7 in 98.7 in 98.7 in

Features may include:

  • Arm Configurations
  • Hydraulic X-Change System
  • Extendable Arm
  • Selectable Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow
  • Angle Blade
  • Selectable Control Pattern
  • Auto Idle
  • Auto Shift
  • Fingertip Boom Swing Control
  • 2-Speed Travel
  • Conventional Tail Swing
  • Depth Check
  • Blade Float
  • Engine Monitoring
  • In-Track Swing Frame
  • Protected Components
  • Machine Protection
  • Separable Cooling Cores
  • Integrated Slew Brakes
  • Steel Tracks
  • Reversible Cutting Edge
  • Fuel Fill Alert
  • Simple Machine Tie-Down
  • X-Frame Undercarriage

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