iDig 2D Excavator Grade Control

Idig is an excavator grade control system made for any brand excavator. An affordable 2D & 3D Grade Control system that's installed with only a control box, led bargraph, and a few sensors on the excavator boom/stick.

iDig Features:

  • No Cables on the outside of the machine
  • Solar Charging Sensors
  • Easy to Use
  • Multi-Machine use for a single system
  • No Monthly GPS Charges or Contracts

Everything the iDig System can do for you.

The iDig system can help you manage distances, depths, & desired slopes.
The combination of advanced technologies is unique in the world: no cables, radio communication, simplified installation and solar powered. The user interface has been designed with excavator operators and can be appreciated by all. The bargraph and LED display guides you in the same field of vision as your bucket and makes the iDig an ideal daily tool for you. The iDig System provides the operator real-time measurements at every pull of the bucket and is accurate to 3/8”! The system can be installed by the end user by following the on screen instructions or Carleton Equipment can provide the installation and turn a nice profit doing so. The touch screen monitor is simple and intuitive and walks you through all operations. The calibration process to set up an excavator takes approximately 60 minutes to accomplish. This machine specific info is then stored in the iDig monitor and can be brought up at the touch of a finger to change from machine to machine providing incredible flexibility and a great ROI! Once a machine and buckets have been calibrated and stored in the system, you can set up an excavator in less than 10 minutes to start scratching dirt. This is a NO Cable System on the boom, dipper or bucket so machine changes are fast, easy and painless. Installing the iDig is really simple: Once a machine is calibrated, attach the 3 sensors onto the boom, install the control box and the LED bar in the cab and start working. The system can also be set up with an additional sensor for readings on the dozer blade of an excavator providing basic real-time readings for grading! We can even use the iDig system on tilt-rotator applications.

idig excavator indication graphic

iDig 2D Grade Packages

iDig XD610
iDig XD610

2 Mini Angle Sensors 1 Angle/Laser Sensor 1 2D Sensor LED Bargraph Control Unit with Suction Mounts 1 Laser Pointer 2 Tripod Adapters / 2 Extension Tubes / 1 Target

iDig XD611
iDig XD611

2 Mini Angle Sensors 1 Big Combo Angle/Laser Sensor 1 2D Sensor LED Bargraph Control Unit with Suction Mounts 1 Laser Pointer 2 Tripod Adapters / 2 Extension Tubes / 1 Target

iDig Components

Control Box

The control box is a touch screen equipped with patented sofware designed with excavator operators for simple & intuitive operation.

idig touch screen control box

Led Bargraph

The LED Bargraph assists your field of vision in the cab, guiding you with precision.

idig led bargraph indicator


Multiple solar charging wireless sensors attach to the boom, stick, & coupler of the excavator.

idig sensor on excavator stick