TOP1000J Breaker | Okada

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General Info
Condition: Showroom
Manufacturer: Okada
Model: TOP1000J

TOP1000J Hydraulic Breaker


Easy operation

Okada breakers are designed to be the best match to the appropriate class of carrier. Nitrogen gas in the top of the piston provides a cushioning effect during the piston ascending stroke, minimizing vibration, which in turn reduces operator fatigue and wear and tear on the equipment.

Enhanced Durability and Longer Life

The square-shaped main body is created using a special alloy and subjected to advanced heat treatment processing, making the hammer body extremely durable. In addition, Okada hammers use fewer parts than competing brands of hydraulic breakers, so there is far less chance of problems developing. New special alloy steels and an advanced heat treatment system enhance main component durability. Medium and heavy class TOP series breakers are compatible with auto lube systems. By adding greasing points, both the shank bushing and front cap bushing are lubricated individually, resulting in longer service life.

Stringent Quality Control and Testing

From material selection and machining to hardening and final assembly, every step of production is controlled by an exhaustive quality control system. To ensure the absolute best quality possible, each unit is fully tested in a specially equipped room dedicated to performance inspection.

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