Hydra Grapple | CMP

Model: HG-61
Sale price$12,750.00
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Hydra Grapple by CMP Attachments

The Hydra Grapple is absolutely the meanest grapple on the market today.


Powerful dual 360 deg. rotation motors provide insane rotational force and reliability. Easy bolt-on cutting edges offer unmatched job versatility and uptime. Standard lock valves grab and hold objects tight, and an electronic control valve option eliminates the need for expensive secondary auxiliary hydraulics for excavators. Get ready for greater profitability with more speed and less down time. The torque rotation on the Hydra Grapple exceeds twice the rotational torque of its competition! Lock valves on all cylinders mean hydraulics are not needed after clamping to objects which allows a return to full excavator speed. This speed saves time, inhibits exhaustive fuel consumption, and reduces heat exposure to hydraulic systems. Our rotating grapples for excavators are for sale, all the way up to 52,000lb behemoths! See chart below for specs

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