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General Info
Condition: Showroom
Manufacturer: Fecon
Model: FTX150-2
Machine Type: Tracked Carrier
Engine: F3.8
Engine Make: Cummins
Horsepower: 155.0
Emissions: Tier 4 Final
Operating Weight: 20900 lb
Height: 103"
Length: 214"
Width: 87"
Fuel Tank: 45 gal.


The Fecon FTX150-2 Mulching Tractor is ideal for all forestry mulching applications. From large-scale right-of-way maintenance to vegetation management and lot clearing jobs, the FTX150-2’s 150 HP class power and versatility allow any job to be completed with confidence and ease.

Loaders Arms:

  • The FTX150-2 is the only dedicated machine in the class with loader arms.

  • Increased productivity from the increased lift and range of motion.

  • Range of motion gives operator more finite control over the mulching head, leading to increase in productivity.


  • Large engine bay doors provide easy access to the entire engine compartment

  • Hydraulic pumps located at the rear of the machine for easy access

  • All filters and service points can be reached from the ground, making servicing the FTX150-2 simple and easy to do in the field

Power Management:

  • Constant monitoring of the hydraulic circuits allows for engine horsepower to be routed to where it is needed most

  • The system allows for the FTX150-2 to mulch uphill while maintaining control over both the loader arms and track system

  • Fecon Power Management optimizes both the recovery and staying power of the mulching head


  • The D3 undercarriage in the FTX150-2 is designed for the toughest mulching applications, resulting in longer track life and less downtime

  • Ground clearance on the FTX150-2 is 21”

  • Optional Severe Duty Forestry Skids on the FTX150-2 provide added longevity to the tracks in severe applications


  • The FTX150-2 has a 7” Touchscreen IQAN controller controlling everything from the HVAC to Fecon Power Management System

  • The on-board troubleshooting, via the Smart Fuse Box and CAN Bus system, allow for quick and easy diagnostics of the machine, helping get the operators back to work quickly

  • Preset operator levels allow for adjustment into the loader arm and tilt speeds on the FTX150-2, helping to shorten the learning curve on the machine


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