DX35Z-7 | Develon

General Info
Condition: Showroom
Manufacturer: Develon
Model: DX35Z-7
Machine Type: Compact Excavator
Engine: DN1.7
Engine Make: Doosan
Horsepower: 24.7
Bucket Digging Force: 728.38 lbf.
Arm Digging Force: 476.6 lbf.
Max Digging Reach (Ground): 17' 2"
Max Digging Depth: 10' 8"
Operating Weight: 8807 lb
Fuel Tank: 12.42 gal.

Develon DX35Z-7

The highly maneuverable, extremely versatile 24.7 hp DX35Z-7 mini excavator is engineered to take on challenging digging and lifting tasks in tight spaces.

The zero tail swing design makes navigating in urban areas and around confined worksites easier than ever. The increased counterweight helps decrease machine overhang and enhances digging and lifting performance.

Keep the standard arm for maximum breakout force and lifting ability, or choose the long-arm option to avoid machine repositioning or to make loading trucks faster and easier.

Other features include integrated slew brakes, rubber track undercarriage and backfill blade.

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