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Model: PCF64
General Info

Bobcat® Plate Compactor - Compact Excavators



The plate compactor allows you to compact in the trenches without leaving the comfort of the cab. 

Mounted at the end of an excavator arm, the plate compactor attachment provides more powerful compaction force than a hand-operated compactor. As an attachment, the plate compactor reduces the need for a person working down in the trench, increasing jobsite safety and operator comfort. 

The compact design of the plate enables compacting even in hard to reach areas like down in the trenches and on slopes. Shock mounts distribute vibration evenly while keeping the attachment level, increasing stability and improving compaction efficiency. 
Bobcat also offers hand-operated plate compactors as a handy jobsite product that powerfully compacts granular soils, crushed aggregates, and hot mix asphalt in open jobsites of all sizes

Top Tasks

  • Compact trenches, footings and slab areas
  • Drive piles when building retaining walls and compacting spoil
  • Compact Design: Designed for maximum performance in compact working environments, the plate compactor provides powerful compacting force in an easy-to-use, compact attachment.
  • X-Change™ Attachment Mounting System: Makes easy work of attaching and detaching the plate compactor. Fast and easy mounting means spending less time on attachment changes and more time on the job.
  • Flat-Top Mount: Easily accommodates breaker caps to fit a variety of machines.
Models PCF64 PCF34



Operating Weight 856 lb 478 lb
Length 34.2 in 26 in
Width 23.5 in 18.8 in
Height 20.4 in 18.8 in
Dynamic Force 6,400 lb 3,400 lb
Frequency 2000 vpm 2100 vpm
Flow Range Min 12 gal/min 12 gal/min
Flow Range Max 28 gal/min 28 gal/min


Compatible Carriers

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Bobcat E32 M-Series


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