L23 | Bobcat

General Info
Condition: Showroom
Manufacturer: Bobcat
Model: L23
Coupler: Mini & Full Bob-Tach
Horsepower: 24.8
Operating Weight: 3790 lb
Aux. Standard Flow: 12.1 GPM
Height to Bucket Hinge Pin: 85.4 in.
Width: 44 IN. (WITH BUCKET)
Fuel Tank: 9.6 GAL

Bobcat L23 Small Articulated Loader

The Bobcat® L23 small articulated loader is small enough to fit in small lots, backyards and other tight jobsites and tough enough to take on the job with minimal ground disturbance. A tight-turning articulation joint allows maneuverability in confined spaces. It delivers an impressive lifting capability to maximize productivity. And you can add Bobcat attachments for added versatility.


The L23 small articulated loader features an articulation joint that enables the rear tires to match the path of the front tires as they turn, resulting in a nimble machine that easily navigates small work zones. It does your heavy lifting with minimal ground disturbance thanks to a turf-safe mode that keeps the wheels from scrubbing on the ground. It lifts heavy loads and you can add optional rear counterweights to increase lift capacity. The 25-hp, low-rpm, high-torque engine provides performance that is more forgiving when pushing the machine to its limit under load. Added comfort features and easy-to-use controls help maximize your productivity.

Buying Factors

  • Low ground disturbance compared to SSL, CTL and MTL
  • Compact size
    • 48” width means they fit on a standard city sidewalk
    • Fits on smaller trailers
    • No CDL required for operation
  • Easy entry and exit
  • Can replace manual labor

Customers and Applications

The Bobcat small articulated loader is an ideal machine for small-business owners or first-time buyers thanks to its easy operation, compact size and ability to fit in some of the tightest jobsites.

Some of the main applications include: 

  • Small landscape, nursery
    • Landscape/hardscape improvements on established lawns
    • Smaller projects in tight spaces
    • Fence installation – whether residential or commercial
    • Planting trees and shrubs
    • Synthetic Turf installation
    • Material handling on worksites
  • Tree services
    • Removing dead trees and branches
    • Storm cleanup
    • Brush clearing
    • Debris handling
  • Facilities maintenance, groundskeeping
    • Sidewalk sweeping
    • Snow removal
    • Light demolition

Tight Turning Radius
The Bobcat small articulated loader delivers precise maneuverability, thanks to its articulation joint that enables the rear tires of the loader to match the path of the front tires as they turn. This results in a highly nimble machine that navigates around obstacles with ease and works well in enclosed yards and small work zones.

Minimal Ground Disturbance
With its tight-turning articulated steering and light overall footprint, the Bobcat small articulated loader won’t cause cuts or tears in the turf when turning or hauling a load. This leads to fewer surface repairs after the job is complete.

Heavy Lifting Capacity. Small Package.
The Bobcat small articulated loader can lift and handle heavy loads. You’ll get excellent lifting capacity in a compact machine. It brings outstanding lifting performance to a wide range of jobsites.

Telescoping Lift Arm (L28)
The L28 features a telescoping lift arm that extends to a lift height of 104 inches, enabling customers to conveniently reach trailer dump height, backdrag, adjust attachment and more. It includes an innovative dual-cylinder design that keeps the load level as the bucket moves. The telescopic cylinder is synchronized with a hydraulic leveling link, providing leveling assist and preventing spillage over the back of the bucket.

High Tractive Effort
The Bobcat small articulated loader features series-connected drive motors that allow the machine to keep moving in rough or uneven terrain – even if one or more wheels are not touching the ground.

Automatic Traction Mode
When operating the small articulated loader, the machine automatically enables one of two traction modes, based on operation.

  • High Traction: When the steering wheel is not turning, improved traction provides excellent control and mobility over rough or slippery terrain.
  • Turf Safe: While actively steering, turf-safe mode keeps the wheels from scrubbing on the ground, causing the least possible ground disturbance.

Optional Traction Assist Switch
Similar to a differential lock, the traction assist switch enables customers to momentarily override the automatic modes, enabling all wheels to travel through adverse conditions such as mud or sidehill travel.




Rated Operating Capacity Straight - 50% of Tip Load

1314 lbs

Rated Operating Capacity Articulated- 50% of Tip Load

1079 lbs

Tip Load Straight

2629 lbs

Engine Model


Engine Fuel/Cooling




Hydraulic Pump Capacity-Standard Flow

12 GPM

Travel Speed

9.5 mph

Operating Weight

3739 lbs

--with add on CWT

4215 lbs

Cab Height

78 in

Width (w/out Attachment)

43.2 in

Width with Wide Tire Option (w/out Attachment)

46.5 in

Length (w/out Attachment)

93.2 in

Wheel Base

47.2 in

Reach at Maximum Height

17 in

Height to Hinge Pin

85.5 in

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