The New Doosan Dozer

The New Doosan Dozer

Doosan DD100 Dozer

Doosan is adding Dozers to the lineup! The first dozer entering the U.S. market is a the DD100. Featuring 122 HP & weighing about 10 metric tons, this model is targeted towards a large portion of our customers. A future release of the DD130, coming mid-2023, is a 150 HP Dozer in the 13 metric ton range. 

The Visibility

The DD100 will come standard in the XL configuration. Featuring the following.

  • 2.9 cu. yd. Six Way Blade
    • Height of 3 ft. 9 in. 
    • Width of 8 ft. 11 in. 
    • Blade Angle of 23°
  • 8 in. Smart Touch Display

The dozer's nose is both shorter & lower, when compared to competition. As well, it includes minimized front pillars, more glass, & a rearview camera.


The Undercarriage 

The undercarriage used on both the DD100 & DD130 will have a dual/single flange-type roller plus other heavy duty components. With additional track guard options.

The Power

The Doosan developed D34 3.4 L, inline four-cylinder diesel engine will power the DD100. With 122 hp at 2,200 rpm (max power of 135 hp at 2,600 rpm) & 369 ft.-lb. max torque.

Doosan D34 Engine



Doosan DD100 Dozer



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