CMP Hydra Grapple / Excavator Rental

CMP Hydra Grapple & Excavator Rental

The CMP Hydra Grapple offers a solution that many operators are trying to solve. Making your excavator a one size fits all solution for your company means more productivity. This grapple offers 360 degrees of rotation giving you the versatility for your compact or crawler excavator. Now with other manufactures, such as Engcon & Steelwrist coming out with tiltrotators, this 360-degree grapple fits a majority of what contractors are trying to accomplish along with a feasible price range. 

This CMP Excavator Grapple is a perfect attachment for building retaining/sea walls, demolition type jobs, tree removal, and just about anything else you can think of. 


CMP Hydra Grapple on Bobcat Excavator

Excavator Tooth Bar

Built for excavating or grabbing boulders and other large, heavy objects.

CMP Hydra Grapple with Tooth Bar

Bolt-on Cutting Edge Option

Give you the flexibility of a reversible smooth and jagged edges.

CMP Hydra Grapple with Bolt on Cutting Edge

Features of the CMP Hydra Grapple

  • Dual Eaton rotational drive motors option on models CMPHG111, CMPHG141 and CMPHG201, provide intense rotational torque.
  • Eaton motors have built in cross reliefs which serves as a cushion when stopping rotation under load.
  • Heavy duty AR-400 hardened steel with 177,000lb tensile strength and Rockwell Hardness of 440.
  • High strength body made from T1 steel is three times stronger than standard steel.
  • Rigid quality control during manufacturing ensures reliability.
  • Massive heavy duty slewing bearings.
  • Exclusive hydraulic cylinder lock valves efficiently hold material without needing to continuously apply auxiliary hydraulic pressure.
  • Stress proof bolts are able to withstand tremendous amounts of flexing and fatigue long term.
  • Interchangable bolt-on edges allow the user to choose the best edge for the job.
  • Excavator tooth bar is ideal for excavating or grabbing boulders and other large objects.
  • Bolt-on reversible cutting edge offers flexibility of smooth or jagged edges.
  • Electronic control valve option eliminates the need for expensive secondary auxiliary hydraulics on an excavator.
  • Signature red, white, and blue tough powder coat finish ensures long lasting durability, prevents rust, and makes a statement.

Carleton Equipment currently offers several sizes of Grapple/Excavator packages for rental in Michigan. 




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