XP185 FlexAir | Doosan Portable Power

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General Info
Condition: Showroom
Manufacturer: Doosan Portable Power
Model: XP185 FlexAir
Engine: Doosan D24
Emissions: Tier 4 Final
Operating Weight: 2594 lb
Height: 67.5 in.
Length: 142.9 in.
Width: 68.5 in.
Fuel Tank: 34.5 gal.

XP185-VHP165 FlexAir

The XP185-VHP165WDO-T4F is the most versatile addition to Doosan Portable Power’s small air compressor lineup. With Doosan’s FlexAir system, which comes standard, this high-pressure model produces up to 185 cfm with pressures ranging from 100 to 200 psi.  Powered by the dependable 74-hp Doosan D24 engine, this air compressor can operate at full load for 11 hours. The XP185-VHP165WDO can be made more versatile with the addition of an optional 4kW onboard generator.  Operators can simultaneously power both air and electrical tools without impacting the XP185-VHP165’s fuel efficiency.

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