R540 | Kubota

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General Info
Condition: Showroom
Manufacturer: Kubota
Model: R540
Machine Type: Compact Wheel Loader
Horsepower: 50.9
Emissions: Tier 4 Final
Operating Weight: 9888 lb
Aux. Standard Flow: 14.2 GPM
Height to Bucket Hinge Pin: 10' 7"
Fuel Tank: 18.5 gal.

Kubota R540 Wheel Loader

As graceful as a dancer and built like a heavy-weight, the Kubota R540 easily navigates crowded work sites and flexes its muscle wherever it’s needed. The wheel loader sports a hearty 51.1 horsepower and a breakout force of 7,761 pounds, all while keeping you comfortable in its spacious cab. Climb on in-- it’s time for work.

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