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General Info
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Develon
Model: DD100
Machine Type: Dozer
Year: 2023
Hours: 19.0
Stock Number: 64126
Engine: D34
Engine Make: Doosan
Horsepower: 122.0
Operating Weight: 22900 lb
Travel Speed: 0 - 5.6 mph
Relief Pressure: 3,626 psi
Fuel Tank: 51.5 gal.

Develon DD100 Dozer

You never stop pushing. And neither does DEVELON. Our rugged new dozer was intentionally designed around your needs: delivering best-in-class gross and net horsepower, superior visibility, easier operation, advanced technologies and lower total cost of ownership.
More features are standard with the DEVELON dozer, including fully electronic hydraulic controls, a rearview camera, heating and air conditioning system, LED lights and a DEVELON Smart Touch display.
  • 3D Trimble Ready
  • 2D Control System
  • Full Track Guard
Make Develon
Model D34
Number of Cylinders 4
Rated Power Gross 122 HP
Max Torque (Gross) 391 lbf. ft. @ 1400 rpm
Piston Displacement 208 in³
Bore & Stroke 3.9 in. x 4.4 in.
Starter 24 V, 6.7 HP
Battery (QTY 2) 2-12 V, 150 AH
Alternator 24 V, 80 amp
Air Cleaner Double Element
Main Pump 1 GPM x 26 GPM
Relief Pressure (Normal) 3,262 psi
Upper Rollers (Each Track) 1
Lower Rollers (Each Track) 7
Number of Shoes (Links per Side) 40
Travel Speed (Low-High) 0 - 5.6 mph
Traction Force, Max (Drawbar Pull) 35,296 lbf.
Maximum Grade 70%(35°)
Sound Level 106 dB(A)
Cabin Sound Level 76 dB(A)
Fuel Tank 51.5 gal.
Def Tank 16.6 gal.
Cooling System (Radiator Capacity) 6.2 gal.
Engine Oil 11.1 gal.
Final Drive (Each Side) 1.8 gal.
Hydraulic System 21.1 gal.
Hydraulic Tank 0. gal.

Blade Types:

Blade Type XL Blade LGP Blade
Blade Capacity 2.8 yd³ 3.3 yd³
Blade Width 8' 11"
10' 7"
Blade Width (Max Angle) 7' 11"
9' 5"
Blade Height 3' 9"
Blade Angle (Max) ± 27°
Blade Rotate (Max) ± 8°
Blade Tilt (Adjustable) 54 - 59°


Optional Ripper:

Blade Type XL Blade LGP Blade
Ripper Penetration (Max) 11.2"
Ripper Beam Width
5' 2"
Ripper Cut Width 4' 11"
Ripper Shank Distance
2' 5"
When push comes to shove, the DEVELON DD100 dozer delivers with more horsepower, better tractive effort and superior pushing power. This machine was designed to be heavier and delivers 122 hp — higher than competitive dozers in this size class. The result is more power to the ground and superior tractive effort to help you move more material and get more in the done pile. See it in action.

The 6-way variable-angle pitch dozer blade puts you in control for more precision when grading or moving dirt, clay and other materials.

A blade float function is ideal for fine finishing or smooth back grading.

Save time and fuel, and maximize productivity, with 2D grading technologies that help even novice operators do more, do it faster and work more precisely. The optional 2D blade assist function makes precision grading easier. 

Standard, fully electronic hydraulic controls meet the needs of operators of every skill level.

No dozer offers better visibility to the 6-way angle blade. We moved the electronic cooling system to the back of the machine and there’s no precleaner to obstruct your view of the blade. The front hood of the DEVELON dozer is narrower, and the inline precleaner is hidden under the hood.

The dozer cab pillars have been minimized, allowing for maximum glass area. All-glass doors give a full view of the working environment.

A rearview camera, high-illumination LED lights and four premium wiper blades are all standard.

A standard rearview camera provides the operator with an additional view of the dozer’s surroundings, increasing confidence and productivity. Some dozer manufacturers only offer a rearview camera as an option.

Four high-illumination LED lights are standard — two in front and two in back — to enhance visibility when working in low-light conditions. Two additional LED lights are available as an option.

Operators experience a smoother ride, even when starting and stopping the dozer, for improved comfort and productivity.

For added safety, a sensor inside the bottom of the seat cushion detects when the operator stands up and automatically stops the machine. To operate the machine, the operator is required to sit down on the seat.

The standard heating and air conditioning system is designed to keep operators comfortable in every season. Operators manually control the temperature and air volume. Multiple air vents in the front, rear and floor areas are positioned to keep the cab at optimal temperatures. The front and door glass defrost vents help improve visibility. The front glass defrost meets EN474, ISO10263 Defrost standards.

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