360 Stump Grinder | Stumper

General Info
Condition: Showroom
Manufacturer: Stumper
Model: 360

360 Stumper


Ideal for larger jobs for a standard skid steer or excavator, the Stumper 360 offers the same simple, safe and high production capabilities, but is equipped with a larger 36" diameter cutting wheel with 25 teeth and a 1" thick wheel. This allows you to achieve a 12" cut per pass using the direct drive system with no belts, pulleys, or gear boxes. We help minimize the maintenance through avoiding electrical connections and auxiliary cylinders, while only requiring two grease fittings. Grind longer with high visibility attachments from Stumper!  

  • 36" Cutting Diameter
  • 12" Cut Depth per pass
  • 1,110 lb. Weight
  • Auxiliary Hydraulics
  • Flow: 30-45 GPM


 Features Benefits
Motor Low RPM / High Torque / High Performance
Plug-N-Play No Electrical connections required / Works on any machine
Oversize Rakers Limit the depth of cut / Prolong tooth life
Face & Edge Grinding Large passes with the wheel face / Plunge cuts
Below-Grade Grinding All Stumpers easily grind as deep as necessary below grade
Maximum Maneuverability Stumpers go anywhere the carrier goes quickly and easily allowing you to grind right next to objects safely with good visibility 
Quality Fabrication We use high quality / premium materials & components

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