Skid Steer Brushcutter Rental

Looking to rent brushcutter for a skid steer? 

Key Takeaways:

  • Hydraulics: Check your machine's flow rate. It's important to lineup the brushcutter attachment to what flow your machine's output is. 
    • Standard Flow
    • High Flow
  • Cutting Width: Weigh your options based of the brushhog's width. Your machine needs to have enough power to spin the blades. The most common widths are 60" & 72" wide.

Bobcat Brushcat

Cut up to 3" in Diameter
Brushcutter - Rental
Clear trails or constructions sites with the Bobcat Brushcat. This rotary cutter operates while traveling forward & reverse when the rear rollers have down pressure. Dual offset motors provide a clean cut everytime!
Brushcutter - Rental

Blue Diamond Extreme Duty

Cut up to 6"-8" in Diameter
Brushcutter Extreme Duty - Open Front | Blue Diamond
This brushcutter can cut grass, but also cuts material intermittently 6" to 8" in diameter. This brushcutter features 4 bi-directional blades. As well, you can use this brushcutter with standard flow machines or high flow machines.
Brushcutter Extreme Duty - Open Front | Blue Diamond

Fecon Deck Mulcher

Cut up to 8" in Diameter
Fecon Deck Mulcher - Rental
The Fecon Deck Mulcher is also an available option to rent. It was made to outperform it's competition. It offers 2 double-sided blades with a stump jumper to ride over stumps without shearing bolts. Compared to other brushcutters it has a 2" larger single pass cut.
Fecon Deck Mulcher - Rental