Bobcat Turf Equipment

Introducing Aerators, Sod Cutters and Dethatchers


Purpose-built for a variety of application sizes, five all new aerators will help you confidently tackle any aeration job.

Designed for productivity, the AE19 and AE26 walk-behind aerators feature independently rotating tines that allow operators to steer without removing tines from the ground. The AE30s stand-on aerator is capable of covering 2.25 acres/hour and is equipped with innovative features and controls to maximize productivity and comfort. The tow-behind AE36 and AE72 can effortlessly aerate 1.5-3 acres per hour for maximum aeration coverage.

Bobcat Aerator

Sod Cutters

Power through the cut with the SC12 and SC18 gear and SC18H and SC24H hydro sod cutters, which maximize operation comfort with reduced hand/arm vibration. The pneumatic rear castor wheel with lockout allows curved landscape cutting with unmatched ease and precision. The unique blade pitch angle adjustment allows for more or less aggressive cutting angles. A true workhorse, the sod cutters pack the productivity, convenience and reliability.

Bobcat Sod Cutter


Bobcat DT18, DT19 and DT20 dethatchers are built for heavy-duty turf renovation including dethatching, verticutting, and overseeding. They feature a simple height adjustment that lets you fine-tune your dethatching depth from 1 in. above or 7⁄8 in. below ground. When it comes to thatch management it’s the hassle-free way to boost your productivity.

Bobcat Dethatcher