V40 Rotary Brush Cutter - Open Front Deck | Virnig

V40 Rotary Brush Cutter - Open Front Deck | Virnig


V40 Rotary Cutter - Open Front Deck Attachment by Virnig

Open front skid steer brush cutter designed to rough-cut dense brush and trees up to 3” in diameter.

  • Three-blade cutting system, mounted to a circular flywheel ensuring flywheel bounces off stumps rather than catching and damaging components.
  • Standard dual hydraulic pressure relief valves with dynamic braking stops the 170-220 lb flywheel in under 10 seconds.
  • Direct drive Eaton® motor rated up to 25 GPM for usage on a wide variety of skid steers.
  • Tall push bar at the front provides rigidity and helps push over thick brush and trees.
  • Able to cut down to the ground to limit regrowth.
  • ½” x 4” single side updraft blades for efficient cutting and mulching.
Cut Width 60.0 72.0
Overall Cutter Width (Inches) 66.0 78.0
Cutter Depth (Inches) 71.1 82.1
Cutter Height (Inches) 21.4
Deck Height (Inches) 7.7
Minimum Cut Height (Inches) 1.9
Cutting Capacity, Diameter (Inches) 3.0
Top Deck Thickness (Inches) 0.19*
Side Deck Thickness (Inches) 0.25*
Recommended Flow Rate (GPM) 16-25 Standard Flow
Approximate Weight (Pounds) 1090 1310
Recommended Loader Capacity Greater than 1500 pounds

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