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TSRC-1300V Crusher/Cutter by Okada

Multi Crusher/Shear

TSRC multi crusher/shear processes concrete and steel frame structure, concrete building, steel bridge, steel building and more.

All models are equipped with a speed valve for increased cycle time and a built-in pressure relief valve.

Rotation options include free rotation (FR) where no hydraulic supply is required; hydraulic rotation (HR), provided by an independent circuit from the carrier; or our Advanced Rotation Technology System (ARTS) that allows the crusher to rotate when the jaws are fully opened, using the same hydraulic circuit used to actuate the main cylinder.

  • The arched cutter blade provides robust cutting ability.
  • The special casting alloy used delivers a lightweight crusher with superior durability.
  • A high oil flow speed valve reduces cycle time.
  • Strong rotator with a durable bearing.
Operating Weight (lbs) 9310
Oil Flow (GPM) 66-132
Operating Pressure (PSI) 4350
Overall Length (Inches) 115
Overall Width (Inches) 75
Max Jaw Opening (Inches) 51
Cutter Blade Length (Inches) 21.7
Crushing Force at Tip (US Tons) 124
Crushing Force at Center of Jaw (US Tons) 320
Carrier Weight Range (1000 lbs) 66-88

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