Top45B | Okada

Okada Demolition Attachments

Top45B Hydraulic Breaker by Okada


Advanced OKADA technology eliminates the need for an accumulator without affecting the hydraulic apparatus on the carrier machine, reducing both maintenance costs and downtime.

Precision machining processes and strict Okada quality control are used to produce all main breaker components. There is no need for complete assembly replacements and the use of high precision parts equate to economical, labor-saving rebuilds of your Okada breaker.


Cup seals are utilized to secure the flow in the oil and gas chambers.

Nitrogen gas

Cushions piston on the upstroke, eliminating the need for shock absorbers. Increases the piston down stroke force.


A central grease port with internal grease passage allows you to easily adapt the hammer to most Auto Lube systems.

Working tools

Choice of moil, chisel, blunt and special application tools.

Piston Travel/Long Stroke Design

Travels through one machined piece (no misalignment). The long stroke design reduces shock loads and vibration, which can cause operator fatigue and machine stress. Okada breakers have the highest tolerance to high operational back pressures available without negative operational effects.

Impact Energy Class (Ft-lb) 850
Operating Weight (Lbs) 780
Oil Flow (GPM) 17-22
Frequency (BPM L-Mode) 800-1100
Operating Pressure (PSI) 1450-2320
Mechanical Energy (HP) 17-35
Mechanical Energy Average (HP) 26
Unit Working Length (Inches) 63
Tool Diameter (Inches)


Tool Worki8ng Length (Inches) 16.1
85DB(A) Level Distance (Feet) 38-63
Carrier Weight Range (1000 lbs) 10-18

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