Tilting Quick Coupler - Geith


Tilting Quick Coupler by Geith

Dramatically increase your productivity using the best of both world technologies: the powertilt from Helac and the Geith Quick Coupler. Tilt your excavator bucket or any excavator attachment up to 180° with peace of mind.

Head unit by PowerTilt©

  • Integral Rotary Union for Coupler
    • Eliminates hoses & hose guards
    • Simplified house routings
  • Reduced Weight
    • Better Stability
    • Decreased fuel costs
  • Integrated cross port-relief valve
    • Overload protection

Geith Quick Coupler Base

  • Front safety lock ( a ) is forced on by spring ( b ) which retains the attachment in case of misconnection
  • The rear safety lock ( c ) is the secondary safety feature backed up by two powerful springs ( d ) which retains the attachment rear pin in case of cylinder failure
  • Powerful spring activated safety locks work in all dirty environments unlike gravity systems
  • Geith patented “curl to release” control system guarantees the attachment is only released in a safe position.
  • Proven Powertilt by Helac
  • Geith Proven Quick Coupler System
  • Rotate any excavator attachment up to 180°

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