Tilt Grading Bucket | Mongo Attachments

  • $3,150.00

Tilt Grading Bucket for Excavators

These buckets are made by Mongo Attachments. Built for light grading work in mind. Use them for site prep work, light landscape work, clearing ditches and banks, etc. The fine leveling feature allows you to dig level grade from uneven surfaces. With 45 degrees of tilt in both directions, the Mongo Hydraulic Power Tilt Bucket gives you the versatility to dig hard to reach areas and extreme angles. The operator indicating window allows for easy viewing of the bucket to aid in level digging.

Available in four different widths. 36", 44", 50", & 60" 

Attachment Features:

  • 45 degree tilt in two directions
  • Hardox Cutting Edge
  • Operator Indicator window
  • Hydraulic hoses and connectors included for plug and play setup
  • Machine specific coupler included 


      Available to all of these Brands of Excavators: