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Blue Diamond Attachments

Skid Steer Rotary Angle Broom- Severe Duty

The Severe Duty angle broom is a brutal attachment for the serious user. From front to back it has been engineered for daily use in tough conditions. Everywhere you look on this broom, you see quality and ingenuity. The hydraulic angle allows the broom to swivel 30 degrees from left to right. 

  • Hydraulic angle and bristle operate simultaneously
  • Oversized main shaft spindles
  • Massive bearings
  • Floating head design with spring tensioner
  • Welded heavy duty cylinder
  • Grease fittings on pivot points
  • 32” bristles with poly or poly steel available
  • 14 pin OEM connector available
  • Water kit available
  • Pivot Angle of 30 degrees

72" Hydraulic Angle

  • 62.4" Fully Angled 
  • 35 Wafers

84" Hydraulic Angle

  • 77.8" Fully Angled
  • 41 Wafers

96" Hydraulic Angle

  • 83.18" Fully Angled
  • 47 Wafers



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