Rock Grinder | Blue Diamond

Blue DiamondSKU: 159010

Excavator Size: G1S

Rock & Concrete Grinder


The Blue Diamond Rock & Concrete Grinders are a must-have tool for any application where rock, concrete, and asphalt need to be removed. They allow for a clean trench to be made with vertical walls. Four different models are available, and mounts to fit most excavators and skid steers.

Model Excavator Size GPM
G1S 2,200 - 6,600 LB EXCAVATORS 
5-12 GPM
G1 4,400 - 17,500 LB EXCAVATORS 8-20 GPM
G2 11,000 - 33,000 LB EXCAVATORS 12-26 GPM
G3 26,000 - 44,0000 LB EXCAVATORS 30-45 GPM

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