Pallet Forks XL Heavy Duty - Attachment Kings

Pallet Forks XL Heavy Duty

  • $1,300.00


Our extra heavy duty pallet forks are rated for 6,000 lbs lift. Using an easy-to-see-through over size frame, this very heavy duty pallet fork provides added lift capacity for larger skid steers. The heavily reinforced brick guard and quick attach area make it extremely durable for heavy use. 48” x 1.75″ tines are standard and 60” and 72″ are available. These pallet forks feature a extra wide and tall frame and they are serial numbered with lifting capacities in lb. and kg. to meet job site requirement for lifting equipment.

This model is often used in landscape or nursery work, where the large back rest provides a larger area to support unsteady loads.

One key area to look at when comparing pallet forks in the rail that the forks hang on. Some companies use bent channel or fabricate the rail from 2 or 3 pieces of metal. Blue Diamond only uses a machined rail from one solid piece of bar stock for added safety and durability. The rail on this unit is the largest and heaviest rail we offer for a class 2 fork.