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OSC200HMA Pulverizer by Okada


Magnetic Pulverizer - OSC200HMA

  • The OSC-HMA magnet pulverizers is equipped with an electromagnet that is powered by an ON/OFF switch and is independent from crushing work.
  • No additional power generator is required.

Secondary breaking crushers were developed as a result of a growing need to reduce disposal volume and recycle concrete waste created during concrete building demolition. The flat, wide jaw design and an internal speed valve make it possible to grab and crush large sections of concrete quickly.

Operating Weight (Lbs) 4760
Oil Flow (GPM) 44-116
Operating Pressure (PSI) 4600
Overall Length (Inches) 81.7
Overall Height (Inches) 61.4
Max Jaw Opening (Inches) 34.2
Cutter Blade Length (Inches) 5.9
Crushing Force at Center of Jaw (US Tons) 99
Magnet Phase Length (Inches) 27.2 x 21.3
Voltage of Magnet (Voltage) 24
Rating Current of Magnet (A) 75
Carrier Weight Range (1000 Lbs) 40-56

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