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ORV250H Hydraulic Breaker by Okada


ORV Series hydraulic breakers are the result of decades of field experience and Okada’s long-standing record of leadership in the industry. Thirteen models of ORV hydraulic breakers provide a broad range  of solutions for your skid steer loaders, compact excavators, tractor loader backhoes and excavator.


A central grease port with internal grease passage readily adapts the hammer to most auto lube systems.

Main Valve

The internal control valve system equates to faster speeds and higher impact energy while still allowing the breaker to operate at cooler temperatures.


The large capacity accumulator reduces shock load in the system.

Stroke Adjuster

Variable speed control in the breaker maximizes productivity.

Original Holding System

The powercell is securely held inside the bracket with the head damper, reducing recoil.

Larger N2 Gas Chamber

Ensures high impact power.

Long Stroke Piston

Increases impact power, and reduces vibration and recoil.

Dual Chisel Retaining Pin

Extends Service Life.

Durable breaker Bracket

Includes a heavy duty bottom plate that protects the powercell and reduces noise and vibration.

Impact Energy Class (Ft-lb) 225
Operating Weight (Lbs) 265
Oil Flow (GPM) 5-9
Frequency (BPM L-Mode) 550-1000
Operating Pressure (PSI) 1300-1740
Mechanical Energy (HP) 4.5-11
Mechanical Energy Average (HP) 7.8
Unit Working Length (Inches) 48
Tool Diameter (Inches)


Tool Worki8ng Length (Inches) 11.9
85DB(A) Level Distance (Feet) 8-15
Carrier Weight Range (1000 lbs) 2.2-5

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