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OMG-70C-2 Grapple by Okada


OMG Demolition and Material Handling Grapple Designed to excel in severe, heavy-duty demolition and material/waste handling applications.

The fully versatile OMG Demolition and Material Handling Grapple provides performance, production and profits in a wide-range of applications and operations:

  • Scrap yards (outperform magnets 3 to 1)
  • Recycling facilities (easily sort and separate material and quickly load crushers or shredders)
  • Demolition (residential, commercial and industrial demolition is easier and safer)
  • Land clearing (tree stumps can be extracted quickly)
  • Reconstruction (no need for cable-and-sling as large, bulky objects are moved easily)
  • Rock handling (precisely pick and place rip-rap and load shot rock without damaging your haul truck)
    Whether your job calls for demolition, scrap handling, rock handling, log and pipe handling or land clearing, the MG Demolition and Material Handling Grapple has what it takes to get your job done.
  • Heavy-duty AR500 material used in the tips and AR400 shells made of high tensile, high alloy, abrasion-resistant material in high wear areas
  • Reinforced heavy-duty box tine design for maximum strength
  • Large hardended pivot sleeves and bronze bushings
  • Adjustable stiff link
  • Wider curved bucket design produces larger volume of material per load
  • Full one-year 2,0000 hour warranty (including finger tips)
Operating Weight (lbs) 67,000
Max Claw Opening (Inches) 116
Claw Closed (Inches) 65-88
Lower Center Tine Width (Inches) 20
Lower Claw Width (Inches) 10
Height (Inches) 10
Upper Claw Width (Inches) 56
Upper Claw Tine Width (Inches) 56
Lower Claw Outer Tine Width (Inches) 34
Carrier Weight Range (1000 lbs) 10

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