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Hammer EM40 w/ Tilt Post Drive by Danuser

Drives fence posts, sign posts, guard rails, median dividers, tent stakes, T-posts, pipe fence, and railroad ties with ease. Model SM40 has a 40” drop hammer design. With this innovative design, you can achieve a full stroke with every cycle or utilize the short stroke feature to fine tune your depth. The Hammer DOES NOT operate with springs, hydraulic cylinder, or return line. Grapple option can be added to any model for a true one-person operation (does not include t-posts). The grapple option will allow the operator to grab the post off the ground, load it into the machine, and drive it in the ground without leaving the skid-steer seat. Tilt option allows up to 20˚ in each direction. The hammer weight is 300 lbs. from the factory. Additional weight can be added for a total of 500 lbs. 

Model EM40 w/ Tilt Model EM40 w/ Tilt & Grapple
Overall Length 46"
Overall Width 27.5"
Overall Height 64"
Tilt (side-side) 20"
Machine Weight 970 lbs (1,170 lbs w/ additional weight) 1,010 lbs (1,210 lbs w/ additional weight)
Hammer Weight 300 LBS (500 LBS MAX)
Length of Stroke 40"
Max. Strokes per Minute 35
Hydraulic Requirements 1500-3000 PSI 
*12-30 GPM
Tractor Requirements 75 HP Minimum
Maximum Post Width 8.5" x 9.25"
Impact Force 82,000 lbs @ 500 lb weight
Impact Energy 1,025 ft-lbs @300 lb weight;
1,709 ft-lbs @ 500 lb weight

*Hammer will still operate on machines with less than 12 GPM 
with fewer strokes per minute.

Post Dimensions: T-post to RR Tie
Impact Force: 82,000 lbs.
Length of Stroke: 40
Hammer Weight: 300
Strokes per Minute: 35

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