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FTX600 Mulching Tractor By Fecon

Clear the way to a job well done with the commanding 600hp Fecon FTX600 mulching tractor. This big red machine is quite simply a force in nature. Innovation and experience set the design. And, from inside the cab, you set the pace.

  • Cummins 600hp QSX15 Tier III engine
  • Sauer Hydraulic Pumps controlled by Fecon’s Power Management System
  • IQAN Machine Operating System
  • High Reach Lift


The FTX600 is the flagship of the Fecon mulching tractor fleet. An advanced blend of innovation, technology, power and performance, makes the FTX600 the tractor for high-demand, high-production work. To stay ahead of pipeline crews, power line crews and your tightest industry schedules, power, performance and reliability are critical. Performance gained with an oscillating all steel undercarriage and selectable float control, along with the Fecon BH300 hydraulic Bull Hog mulching head sets a new standard in production. Service-oriented design with large compartment doors and service-designed component positioning serve to reduce downtime and PM service time. Keeping downtime to a minimum and boosting production performance to the maximum is how we define reliability. The FTX600 is the mulching tractor that allows the operator to perform his best! Power from 600hp the Cummins QSX15 Tier III engine, combined with Sauer hydraulic pumps controlled by Fecon’s Power Management System and an IQAN machine operating system, puts this tractor in the lead on the right of way. The cab is designed for production and the long days that your schedules demand. An air ride seat and the filtered and pressurized climate controlled cab keep the operator’s performance and comfort at a high level. Tinted polycarbonate windows all around and a rear view camera with a large screen, maximize the visibility on this primary ROW performer.


  • Berco Oscillating Undercarriage
  • V-Hull Frame Design
  • Wide View from Operator’s Seat
  • Rear of Head Visibility
  • Air Ride Seat
  • Oversized Heating and A/C system
  • Pressurized & Filtered Cab Air
  • Egress Points from Cab
  • Rear View Camera
  • 1/2 Lexan Windows
  • Tilting Cab for Service Access
  • In-cab Tool Storage
  • Levels Checked from Ground Position
  • Large Service Access Doors
  • Full Access Swing Down Belly Pans
  • Large Clean Out Ports on all Tanks
  • Full Range Lighting
  • Parker IQAN Control System
  • Fecon Power Management
  • Reversing Fan on Engine & Hydraulics
  • Swing out Hydraulic Cooler
  • On Board Hydraulic Fill System
  • High Lift Forestry Lifting Gear to 70
  • 125 Mulching Head Range of Motion
  • 32 Below Grade Reach
  • Shielded Exhaust & Air Intake



Weight of tractor only 46,000 lbs
Weight of tractor with BH300 Bull hog® 54,380 lbs
Length of tractor with BH300 Bull hog 274”
Height 130”
Width at Tracks 98”
Width Overall with BH300 109”


Number of Cylinders 6
Horsepower 600
Rated Torque @ RPM 1,875 ft. lbs. @ 1400 rpm
Cooling Water Cooled
Fuel Tank 200 gal Diesel


System Pressure 5,800 psi
High Flow 188 gpm
Low Flow 72 gpm


Type Steel Oscillating
Pad Type Single Grouser
Track Width 32”
Track Gauge 70”
Ground Pressure 5.9 psi

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