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Dynamic Mobile Balancer by Fecon

The Fecon FMB100 is an extremely cost-effective solution to the damaging vibration caused by rotor imbalance. The FMB-100 mobile balancer tells you how out-of-balance the rotor is (magnitude), and where adjustments are needed (phase/angle). Once balanced, the difference is amazing.

The Fecon FMB-200 is a state-of-the-art dynamic balancer with full spectral vibration analysis. Not only can it walk you through the
balancing process, indicating where to add weight and how much, it also analyzes all frequencies to help troubleshoot vibrations that are not from rotor imbalance. It can tell the difference between a rotor imbalance a failing bearing or bent shaft and other sources of damaging vibration.

Complete kit just $2,400

Just $4,400 including NIST Traceability and Scale!

Why the FMB-200?
Mulcher vibration can be caused by a wide range of sources. Most often, it is simply a mass imbalance of the rotor assembly. Even a statically balanced rotor can vibrate and needs to be dynamically balanced. It is virtually impossible to balance every rotating
component then mount each perfectly. Even the simple act of remounting a rotor can cause a mass imbalance due to slight
alignment changes. The FMB-200 graphically guides you through the dynamic balancing process so you can balance quickly and easily requiring the minimum number of runups.
But sometimes, balancing isn’t enough. Not all vibrations are due to rotor assembly issues. Since the FMB-200 analyzes the entire spectrum of vibration frequencies it is able to tell the difference between a rotor imbalance a failing bearing or bent shaft and other issues that cause vibration. The first step toward fixing a vibration problem is identifying the source. And that’s where the FMB-200 advanced vibration analysis features give you the information needed to quickly find and fix all types of vibration problems.

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