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Doosan DX300MH-5


As the largest material handler in the lineup, the Doosan® DX300MH-5 is built for the most demanding material handling functions. It features a fixed 6 ft. cab riser with hydraulic tilt, straight boom and droop nose stick, sandwiched counterweight, rotate grapple ready hydraulics, and additional guarding.

Careful design, high-pressure common rail fuel injection and four valves per cylinder deliver increased torque and efficient fuel consumption. High-capacity pumps improve productivity, while the swing drive provides rapid cycles.

In addition to four power modes, the DX300MH-5 includes lifting work mode, which provides increased pump torque, low engine RPMs, and an automatic power boost.

Cooling features of the DX300MH-5 include a variable speed fan and a split cooling system, which utilizes both hydraulic oil and engine coolant.

To reach Tier 4 emissions standards, the DX300MH-5 incorporates a high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) fuel delivery system as well as cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) combined with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and selective catalyst reduction (SCR). Read about our Tier 4 technologies to learn more. 

With all of the other performance, comfort and reliability features loaded in all Doosan material handlers, you’ll quickly see why the DX300MH-5 is the picture of productivity.



Rated Flywheel Power (Gross) 270.9 hp @ 1,800 rpm
Rated Horse Power (Net) 358.1 hp @ 1,800 rpm
Engine Emissions Tier (EPA) T4

Hydraulic System

Main Pump: Displacement 8.42 in³/rev
Control Valve: Relief Valve Pressure (Normal) 4,978 psi
Control Valve: Relief Valve Pressure (Boost) 5,263 psi
Main Pump: Max. Flow Rate (each) 65.51 gal/min
Main Pump: Main Relief Pressure 5,076 psi


Upper Rollers: Quantity Per Side 2
Track Length 16' 2"
Track Link: Track Gauge 8' 6"

Swing Mechanism

Swing Performance: Max Swing Torque 87787 lbf-ft
Swing Performance: Max Swing Speed (At Efficiency) 9.9 rpm

Travel System/Drive Mechanism

Travel Performance: Traction Force (Highest Value) 83258 lbf-ft
Travel Performance: Traveling Speed - Low (XXX) 1.86 mph
Travel Performance: Traveling Speed - High (XXX) 3.29 mph


Operating Weight 79,366 lb
Standard Boom Length 25.59 ft
Standard Arm Length 17.72 ft
Shoe Width 2' 7"


Shipping Height - Hose (With Attachment) 11' 4"
Shipping Length (Without Attachment) 36' 1"
Shipping Width (Standard) 11' 1"
Overall Height Over Cab 10' 0"

Working Range

Max Digging Reach (Ground)  42' 7"
Max Digging Depth 21' 7"
Max Loading Height 46' 3"

Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 132.09 gal
Hydraulic System 84.89 gal
Engine Coolant 12.94 gal
Engine Oil 9.51 gal
Hydraulic Tank 43.59 gal
  • Straight Travel
  • Diesel Powered Coolant Heater
  • Plug Heater
  • Cab Guarding
  • Frame Guard
  • Catwalk
  • Additional Work Lamps
  • Air Compressor
  • Fuel Filler Pump
  • Rotating Beacon
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