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Blue Diamond Heavy Duty Brush Cutter


This brush cutter is the most versatile skid steer brush cutter on the market. Cuts grass like a lawn mower and still cut 5″ trees!! Why buy a brush cutter that limits you to one or the other? Very few, if any other  cutters are able to preform in such a variety of applications, like the Blue Diamond Extreme Duty cutters will!

The extreme duty brush cutter is a high-powered, low flow or high flow direct drive unit with a 1-year warranty. The purpose built hydraulic motor drives a 3.5” forged one piece drive spindle!  that is housed in 2 massive bearings. The direct drive bearing carrier is now grease packed and can be greased from a zerk under the hood. This new improvement has dramatically reduced down time and bearing failures! Under the deck, instead of a spline shaft, it has a 13” x 1” flange with 10 bolts connecting the blade carrier. The wire protection kit between the deck and the blade carrier keeps fence wire and vines away from the lower bearing seal and reduces down time from hidden debris. This powerful yet quiet cutter will produce a cleaner cut at a quicker travel speed than was thought possible on a low flow skid steer. The 10” deck clearance and the raised back allow cut debris to escape and to easily avoid bunching under the deck.

  • no case drain needed on low flow units
  • new faster acting external cross port relief and brake
  • new longer lasting stamped blades
  • available in low or high flow

This new model offers many new upgrades including:

  • New perimeter style wire/ Vine protection
  • Solid 3/4″ thick blade carrier
  • rear of deck is tapered out to help with discharge and ease of clearing stumps
  • Grease filled drive instead of oil
  • Forged drive spindle
  • thicker deck (1/4″)
  • 9″ deck clearance resists bunching and plugging up
  • heavy wear bars added to the bottoms of each side for longer life
  • easier to clean debris off deck

These new upgrades have made this model a high performance cutter that is priced right for the customer that is not an everyday commercial user. Mows excellent in grass and cuts up to 4″ brush with ease!

The tapered back allows cut debris to roll out consistently and helps to float over stumps. The grease filled drive is much more reliable than oil and requires less maintenance.

The newly added perimeter wire guard spools up wire out where it can be accessed easily with wire cutters. If wire does manage to get by the perimeter wire guard, the secondary wire guard will stop it.

The heavily reinforced deck has many new features for strength and to make it easier to clean. The deck is thicker and uses above and under deck reinforcements in high stress areas. Also added are wear bars on the sides to give longer life if used in abrasive ground conditions.

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