Bradco SS Signature Series Forks - Paladin


Bradco SS Signature Series Forks by Paladin

Bradco's Pallet Forks are designed with a high-strength, lightweight frame for larger payload. Open guard for excellent visibility, our patented "D" ring for lifting and dual side steps for easy access to the operator compartment.

  • Brick guard offers strength and smooth surfaces for protection against load damage
  • Patented design offers excellent visibility and includes load-securing "D" ring
  • 42" and 48" tines available
  • Personalized logo burned into brick guard available
  • Heavy-duty frame designed to handle 4,000 to 6,000 lb fork capacities
  • Angled side corners and step for easy and safe side access, in and out of operator compartment
Specifications Standard (in) Extended (in)
Overall Height 38.75 38.75
Overall Width 45.88 65.75
Adjustable Tine Spacing-Maximum 45 60
Adjustable Tine Spacing-Minimum 9 9
ITA Category II Fork Mounting 16 16

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